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Having trouble getting started? Set a timer.

I frequently (almost always) get distracted by shiny objects. Like, what’s that over there - could be a text notification, thought in my head, email notification, caption on a web page, thought in my head, interruption, oh look something shiny, a thought in my head ...

The amount of resistance I have to what I need to do usually determines the ease at which I’m distracted.

In any case, I find that there are times when I just really need to get started on a task I’m dreading. With little willpower, I need to find a way that “forces” me to stay on task. What I have found that works for me is using a timer. I give myself a short bit of time during which I have to remain working on just one thing. I usually set it for 20 minutes. That’s long enough to get “involved” in something and many times I can even finish a task. The getting involved part seems to be my biggest problem. Somehow, putting a time limit to it makes it easier for me to stay on task.  Then after the timer goes off, I can decide to continue or move on to something more "rewarding".

Do you have a trick to getting started on something you don't want to do? Share it with me, I'd love to know.

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