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Learning and Growing through Change

$80/8 week workshop

Mindfulness for Wellbeing

This is a time of great stress, as we come to terms with living in the unknown, having little control over our world and how things unfold. Although we cannot control much of what happens in our world, we can control how we react. Learning how the mind works and employing techniques for creating the most positive experiences we can from the cards we are dealt is invaluable for being centered and feeling whole while facing instability.

The definition of mindfulness I adhere to is: paying attention, on purpose, cultivating awareness of ourselves and things as they are, as opposed to how we think they should be. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn about...

  • Mindfulness practices to produce increased wellbeing, clarity of mind and a more positive outlook 

  • The science behind mindfulness and why it is important to learn to manage your mind

  • Ways to spend more time being in the present to grow in consciousness

  • Practical tools that work for you, and which tool to choose when

  • The way thoughts in your mind inform your actions

  • How slight shifts in awareness change more than what is seen, heard or felt

  • Options for managing stress that go beyond hype and provide lasting results

  • Why rituals are important for change and how to create rituals that stick

Upcoming Workshop Details:

This workshop is held via Zoom, online for 8 consecutive weeks

Next workshop date to be announced. Stay tuned!

$40/4 weeks

Mindful Listening

There are many ways of listening, and for most of us the default is listening to respond. What does it mean to listen mindfully, listening to understand, and how might we learn to do more of it? Come find out, and take away some tools to increase your capacity for listening mindfully.

In this workshop, you’ll  learn 

  • The kind of listener you are now

  • Ways in which who you are determines what you hear and the questions you ask

  • To ask questions that get to the heart of the matter

  • Ways to shut off that default response mode of wanting to be right and claiming a position

  • How to ask a question that isn’t leading

  • How to practice "not knowing" to get to what’s really going on

  • Techniques to help you really pay attention

This workshop runs for 4 consecutive Wednesdays beginning Wednesday, April 20th.

Each class is 1 hour from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET.

$600/6 sessions

One on One Coaching

I understand that each individual has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching and finances. That's why I make my Professional coaching package as flexible as possible. Schedule a free introductory session and determine your next steps.

Schedule a Session
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