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Happy Clients

As many are when they are about to turn thirty, I was in a bit of a personal and professional crisis when a friend of mine referred me to Debbie. The timing couldn't have been better for me. Through our time together, I was able to crystallize and understand my professional goals and map out my plans for the next 5 years in a way I hadn't considered prior. She aided me in understanding the intrinsic values that drive me forward, values I now strive to engage actively and include in my 
professional work and decision making. She not only acted as a career coach—approaching each and every one of our conversations from a place of curiosity and care, but a great resource of insight. For anyone unsure of how to cross their next professional threshold-- as I was, or even if you just need someone to sit down to help, listen, maybe give you the nudge you know deep down you need but haven't realized, I couldn't recommend Debbie Lynd' services more.


Debbie delivers on everything she promises in ways that are totally unexpected. She takes the challenges you perceive in your life and totally flips them on their head, helping you think of your roadblocks and issues from a completely new and fresh point of view. She asks questions you are not expecting, which lead to answers and clarity that you did not know you had. I could not recommend Debbie highly enough. If you are stuck, or just unsure of where you want to go next in life, spending time with her will help you find your way.


Debbie is a delight to work with and has helped me towards a happier and healthier career. She doesn't have all the answers; even better, she helps you ask better questions about yourself, your career and how you can work to improve both.


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