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Living from Fear?

I’m saddened by the fear, anger and lack of acceptance permeating our world these days. As I reflect on how I’ve been reacting to news, FB posts, twitter, and conversations with others over the past year or so, it’s clear to me that I can use some reminders that are more positive and help me to place my focus on kindness. I believe that by focusing on kindness and compassion I can live in a kinder, happier and gentler world. For me having little reminders to refocus my attention helps. Here are some of mine. - please let me know yours!

We (all humans) are on this little spinning globe together. 

I respect that we “share” this beautiful planet and that each of us has the right to be here.

I am a steward of this amazing earth.

And the earth is more than able to carry on without me (and will when I'm gone). I am a guest here.

When I die, (and I will), I can’t take any “things” with me.

 Remember what's really important - things don’t matter, my interaction with others and being fully present for them is all that matters.

Life is really hard and we all have difficulties.

So, let’s be kind to ourselves and each other. Having compassion for each other builds us all up.

That voice in my head doesn’t know everything.

So, don’t believe everything you think. Make room for the possibility that there are other ways of being and thinking.

For any given situation, there is at least one more perspective than there are people involved.

Allow for the beliefs of others. Our uniqueness is what makes us great.

We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in - if we let it.

    Let’s embrace ourselves wholly, we’ve been shaped by all of it.

We choose, every day, our actions and reactions to all that surrounds us.

 Choose wisely - Choose love.

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